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Terms that are in use on this site.

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Term Definition

The way in which a parcel of land is used or occupied, i.e. the types of buildings or activities, and/or the purpose for which it is designed, arranged, intended, or maintained.


Light Emitting Diode - An electronic device that lights up when energy passes through it; LED’s can be blue, green, red, or white, are very energy-efficient, and have a long life.


Light directed to areas where it is not needed; light pollution directed into the sky makes it difficult to see stars at night.


A horizontal shelf positioned above eye level designed to reflect daylight onto the ceiling for daylighting purposes.


Primary role is providing access to adjacent properties; local streets have low levels of mobility, and serve residential, commercial, and industrial areas.


Level of Service - A qualitative rating system used to describe the adequacy of the road network at a specific intersection or street segment, based on factors including travel time, freedom to maneuver, driver comfort, and interruptions; LOS A is used to describe the best traffic conditions while LOS F denotes gridlock.  LOS can also be used to describe transit and bicycle/pedestrian networks.


Leading Pedestrian Interval - An early WALK signal allowing pedestrians to begin crossing at an intersection before turning vehicles are released.


A complete lighting unit or fixture.

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